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Around the World Private Jet Adventures

The Around the World by Private Jet Tour has been deferred to 2017

It’s an exhilarating feeling to touch down in our private charter jet in exotic and far-away places. To know, with each comfortable flight, a new and priceless adventure awaits us. With short daytime flights, we make the best use of our days. We’ll immerse ourselves in foreign cultures, culinary flavours and sensory delights. Marvel over ancient and modern monuments. Observe the miracles of evolution first-hand and encounter unforgettable natural and cultural wonders.

We will enjoy interesting and informative sightseeing with expert local guides, with leisure time available for whatever might be of special interest to us. Our hotels are well located and are of a superior category. Meals and special venues have been selected to give us a “taste” of foreign delights. Since we are on a fantastic holiday, many evening events have been planned as well. All contribute to the kind of experiences of which lasting memories are made.

One incredible journey!

See the exotic locations we will be visiting!

This will be the aircraft we will be using for our Dream trip around the World!

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