Boeing 737-400 VIP


Since our World Tour is unique, so is the aircraft, the crew and the airline we charter. Flair Airlines of Kelowna, B.C. has the experience, track record, flight maintenance infrastructure and information management systems to provide passenger charters to a wide range of clients which includes three World tours and a South America tour for us.

Our Boeing 737-400 jet has 72 business class seats in a 2 by 2 configuration. They are well spaced, wide and are reclining. All departures will have open seating and boarding by group on a rotation basis. There are no seat assignments and our experienced crew will stay with us throughout the trip.

All our flights will include meals, snacks and drinks appropriate to the time of day and the duration of
the flight. Wine, tea/coffee and soft drinks will be served with the meals and an open bar will be available during the flights.

Apart from a few stops, the climate is warm and comfortable throughout the tour. You will be given a storage bag for your cold weather clothes, they will be stored in the hold of the aircraft after Anchorage and returned to you in time for Prague. At all airports we will be subject to security, customs and immigration procedures as for any commercial flight.