What previous clients have said about their Private Jet Tour

Margaret Landry
Mr. and Mrs. Giffin
It was wonderful! We would have never gone to all these places on our own, much less have done all of the tours, etc… We saw things we never dreamed of seeing. Our hotels were great and so was the food. The air crew was great – it was like coming home each time we boarded the plane, they were so much fun and really looked after us all.”
Mr. & Mrs. Biever
“In reading your brochure before we left, we were overwhelmed by all we would see and do but as the trip progressed and is now behind us, it is amazing that the brochure does not do it justice. You had so many wonderful surprises for us at each turn. My husband and I enjoyed the World Tour. We saw it all and met some wonderful people along the way.”
Teri Band
What a blast! It was truly an amazing way for a female to travel unaccompanied and to have experienced all the memorable places on the Travel Guild World Tour. To every staff member of Travel Guild and to the wonderful crew, thanks for everything!!
C. BemBem
“I want to thank you and your team for making my World Tour a lasting and memorable experience. Every member of your team performed admirably, making it possible for me to enjoy all that the tour had to offer.”
Margaret and Charles Gordon
“An excellent once in a lifetime experience… Arrangements made by Travel Guild excellent and great tour leaders.”
Vivianne Bailey
“I shall carry memories of the trip for many years. There were so many outstanding and rare experiences that I could never duplicate.”
Laura Harries
“It was a wonderful trip and I was very appreciative of the time and effort that went into the planning of our trip. I just relaxed and enjoyed every minute of our holiday. I would rate this trip 10/10. Need I say anything else.”
Noreen & Mike Bachynski
“My wife and I enjoyed the world tour immensely, as the plane flight, hotel rooms, city tours and food were all first class.”
Mr. and Mrs. Jameson
“I am writing to thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip Around the World in a Private Jet. This is like a dream come true to us, we look forward to receiving your next brochure. ”
Mr. and Mrs. Charest
“Thanks for all your forward planning to make such a wonderful trip. Tour leaders handle everything so graciously and the flight team and aircraft were excellent. It was a fabulous trip! ”
Mr. and Mrs. Westcott
“Our World Tour met and exceeded our expectations, especially the special dinners with local entertainers. It was well organized with our leaders and local guides, we felt secure and did not worry about anything.”
Elisabeth Hopkins
“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the trip. The whole thing was so enriching and interesting and fun! I feel I have come home with so many adventures in my head and new friends to keep in touch with, I feel so lucky to have been able to do this. So thank you for all your efforts in making it so memorable.”
Mr. and Mrs. Hall
“First let me thank you for a wonderful trip. The opportunity to see so many amazing places on one tour was outstanding. The leaders did an amazing job, the cabin crew were the very best hard working cheerful and fun. Thanks again for everything.”
Karie Evoy
“Thanks so much for a wonderful trip, I will treasure the incredible cultural experiences and adventures.”
Jim & Joan Clish
“We had a wonderful time, met great people. We can’t believe how everyone melded so well together. Many great picture memories. Angie…..what a gal!!! Robert & Brenda….so organized and always so helpful!! The staff on the plane…awesome!!! ”

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